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Your company has a social media listening platform, a web analytics system, and a traditional print and broadcast news measurement program. But can you answer the following questions?

Which messages in the social and traditional media truly shape attitudes, opinions, and behaviors?

Which media channels have the most impact on stakeholders?

We’ll be launching a new product soon. Can we forecast how the launch may impact brand reputation?

Do we need to respond to a sudden spike in negative social media … or will this pass by?

A government agency is launching an investigation of product safety in your industry … is that impacting your company and your brand?

Listening is only a step towards understanding.

Geddes Analytics™ provides the analytical tools to move from listening to social intelligence: the management and analysis of social and traditional media data to activate and recalibrate communications programs.

Companies and brands able to extract and apply deep insights from data will be at a competitive advantage in the communication marketplace.

Winner of the 2011 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for innovation in public relations research and measurement.

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Geddes Analytics can provide expert
analysis and predictive analytics
to understand – directly from social
and traditional media – trends in
your brand reputation, corporate
reputation, and key issues affecting your business, and identify the messages, issues, trends, and media channels impacting your business.
Who We Are
Geddes Analytics™ is a business research, analytics, and consulting firm applying market research, statistical analysis, and modeling to help organizations of all kinds—corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, communications agencies, trade associations, and advocacy groups—achieve marketing, communications, and business goals.

We offer research, statistical analysis, modeling, and consulting services in the following areas:

  • InfoTrend™ predictive modeling
  • Corporate reputation analysis
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Market research surveys
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